A prototype smart contact lens featuring a micro LED display and eye-controlled interface has been developed by technology company Mojo Vision.

Mojo said its Mojo Lens was ‘the world’s first true smart contact lens’ that provided the smallest and densest dynamic display with low-latency communication.

Mike Weimer, co-founder and chief technology officer at Mojo Vision, said the lens accelerated the development of invisible computing, where information was made available and presented only when needed.

‘We’re trying to change our relationship with devices and break down these barriers to fundamental personal connections. Mojo Lens lets you be more like yourself wherever your day takes you – we want the technology and the user experience to be something that doesn’t distract from who you are,’ Weimer said.

Mojo Lens included a 14,000 pixels per inch display that measured less than 0.5mm in diameter. A micro-optic, silicone chip projects text, graphic and hi-resolution video on the wearer’s retina in all environments, even with eyes closed.