Alcon has launched multifocal contact lens product Dailies Total1 to offer comfortable wear for presbyopic patients who commonly experience dryness while using other types of CL.

The company’s patented ‘water gradient lens material’ is made from a hydrophilic surface gel and phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient found in natural tears, which applies moisture to the eye and reduces end-of-day dryness. Use of the daily disposable lens supports clarity of distance, intermediate and near vision. According to Alcon, the CL had a fit success rate of 96% in tests it carried out.

They are available with a power range of +3.00D to -6.00D (in 0.25D steps) and three add powers (Lo, Med, Hi). The company plans to expand parameters and offer the lens in +6.00D to - 10.00D in 0.25D steps.

Dr Inma Perez, head of professional affairs for Alcon Europe, Middle East and Asia, said: ‘Wearers over age 40 want to continue wearing CLs but require more comfort and seamless vision as they develop presbyopia. Our multifocal design offers a comfortable alternative to reading glasses.’