Contact lenses usually come under test to assess their comfort or vision thanks to a new material or design.

Miru 1-Day Upside is a silicone hydrogel contact lens packaged to allow it to be pinched out of its buffer solution by its back surface leaving the inside of the lens untouched before it reaches the eye. In use it certainly lives up to its billing.

There is an acquired technique involved to gently grip the backside of the lens but once you have the knack the lens is easily plucked from its blister pack and can be positioned on a finger for application to the eye. This means the inside of the lens is not touched offering the inherent hygiene benefits that go along with that.

The Miru 1-Day lens cannot be worn without comment on its excellent comfort and handling. It’s hard to believe it’s a daily given its apparent robustness, despite this it is the kind of lens you forget you are wearing. For anyone reporting handling issues or where hygiene is in question this lens would certainly be worth a try.