Valli Opticians in Hebden Bridge has partnered with local sight loss charity Outlookers to host an exhibition of Wakefield-based artist Ruth Fones.

Fones’ new collection looked at how people living with visual impairments view the world and the exhibition will open on September 9 with 15% of any exhibition sales donated to the charity.

The artist worked with Outlookers to interview people living with sight loss and used simulation software and spectacles to better appreciate what it was like to experience sight loss.

Fones said: ‘Some paintings try to capture a sense of the everyday life of a partially sighted person, like struggling to see a bus number. Others are based on one sentence which led me to create my own visualisations. The artworks are as unique as the sight condition is to that person.’

Moin Valli, founder of Valli Opticians and vice-chair of Outlookers, added that he was thrilled his practice could work with Fones to host the Do You See What I See? exhibition.

‘Creating artwork that highlights the impact of sight loss on users is so important, and we are so grateful to Ruth for creating such meaningful pieces, as well as kindly donating a portion of the sales to the charity,’ Valli said.