BCLA’s hybrid Focus event held online and in-person at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham earlier this month was hailed a success, with delegates highlighting its ‘winning formula’.

The scleral lens session led by the the Global Specialty Lens Symposium was said to have been the highlight of the event, while exhibitions were also popular.

During awards for new BCLA Fellows and certificates in Dry Eye and Myopia Management, Professor James Wolffsohn received a standing ovation for winning the BCLA Medal.

BCLA chief executive, Luke Stevens-Burt, commented: ‘For two years eye care professionals have been stuck inside their practices and unable to discuss new research, see new technology or see each other in-person. Seeing the looks on people’s faces as they finally caught up with old friends is something that will live long in the memory.

‘The atmosphere throughout the weekend was amazing, and BCLA Focus certainly bought back the buzz. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with delegates saying we found the winning formula for this kind of event.’