Glaucoma UK has urged the public to get a sight test as part of Glaucoma Awareness Week 2022 (June 27 – July 3) to help end preventable sight loss.

The charity said the number of people living with glaucoma in the UK was expected to increase by almost a third between 2020 and 2035.

Joanne Creighton, chief executive at Glaucoma UK, said: ‘This Glaucoma Awareness Week, we want people to put their sight in the spotlight by encouraging them to get their eyes regularly tested. With an ageing population and modern technology making earlier detection possible, more and more of us will find ourselves affected by glaucoma. For those diagnosed with the disease, Glaucoma UK is here to offer support.’

Eye care professionals have been encouraged to participate in the awareness week by ordering Glaucoma UK information booklets and displaying posters in practice.