Online supplier Vision Path and its Hubble contact lens retail business has settled a deceptive trade practices case worth nearly $400,000 brought by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton and the state’s Consumer Protection Division.

It was alleged that Hubble had ‘deceptively marketed’ its lenses by representing them as ‘high quality’, despite being made from methafilcon A hydrogel material, which has existed for two decades.

Consumers and optometrists complained to the attorney general’s division that returned shipments were not refunded, comfort fit of Hubble lenses was poor and that the company fulfilled consumer orders for toric lenses when torics were not in the product portfolio.

When consumers complained, Hubble wrongly blamed prescribing practitioners. The company will pay $300,000 in civil penalties, $70,000 in attorneys’ fees, and $2,100 in restitution for certain consumers