Optician would like to clarify several points made in the article Impressions of the I-Pen Osmolarity System (Page 26, 21.04.17) regarding the TearLab Osmolarity System.

TearLab does not require calibration each day of use. It is calibrated at the factory and does not require any further calibration by its users.

Also the TearLab Osmolarity System does not present a risk of sample evaporation during fluid transfer. The measurement of the electrical impedance is carried out within the pen. The pen is then docked into the reader, which calculates and displays the osmolarity result.

Finally, studies show that TearLab only requires one reading per eye to be taken for accurate and reliable results, which is also stated in the devices CE Labelling.

We apologise for any confusion caused if you have any further questions on the TearLab Osmolarity System please contact www.scopeophthalmics.com.