Accessories designer Coti Vision said its new collection of glasses chains and reading glasses homed in on this autumn’s translucent colour trend, with several new crystal tones and designs.

‘The crystal trend is also becoming a clear favourite choice for eyeglass wearers. The neutral clean tones don’t conceal the face, but rather accentuate the facial features with a delicate glow. Transparent glasses are all about simplicity and subtleness, and flow seamlessly and discreetly with any outfit,’ said Coti Vision.

New chain style Sole, pictured in new colourways crystal blue and crystal red, is part of the Amore Italia collection and is handmade in Italy from recycled acrylic. Also pictured is the new Eden reading glass in hues ruby and topaz. The frame is made from hexatate, an acrylic resin, which the company said

was a more environmentally friendly material, with shorter processing cycles, recyclable waste and is phthalates-free.