Approximately 100 students and members of staff from the Dublin Institute of Technology Optics Society attended a celebratory ball.

The Eyeball took place at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin on April 12 and was organised by the Optics Society. Louis Stone was the sponsor for the event and donated a set of flippers, which was the raffle prize, as well as contributing love hearts and pens for people in attendance. The winner of the raffle prize was Chloe Power, who is a first year optometry student.

The Optics Society said that it ‘hopes to continue hosting events for students of Optometry and Dispensing Optics, with an emphasis on making each and every student feel at home. We are extremely grateful to Louis Stone for their wonderful contribution to our ball. We will also continue to raise money for charities through student activities during the course of the year. Many thanks again for your kindness and generosity.’