A new virtual event hosted by Essilor will explore insights on presbyopia trends among patients as well as scientific developments in presbyopic correction and innovation methodologies on progressive lenses.

The first Global Varilux Summit will take place on November 10 at 6pm on Essilor Vision Care Center, the company’s new digital education platform for ECPs.

The event will be led by Dr Howard Purcell, OD and president & CEO of the New England College of Optometry. ‘This is currently a very dynamic area of focus for our profession,’ said Dr Purcell. ‘We are all excited to hear more from our global experts, clinicians, and researchers, about the advancements in progressive lenses and how to optimally dispense the right products to the right patients. Awareness, education, and customisation are at the heart of our success. People notice when they are being informed. Everyone wants to make informed decisions.’

Presentations will include a one-hour plenary session covering subjects such as Life and vision after 40, scientific advances on progressive lens design, and ensuring best patient care with Varilux. Additional breakout sessions will look at the psychology of young presbyopes, successful adaptation of Varilux lenses, and clinical management of presbyopia.

Speakers: Co-hosts, Agnes Dewidehem, global Essilor brands senior vice president, and Dr. Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, president & CEO of the New England College of Optometry
Professor Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO - University of Houston, College of Optometry, Boulder, Colorado (USA)
Dr Damien Gatinel, MD, PhD - head of the Anterior and Refractive Surgery Department of The Rothschild Foundation, Paris (France)
Dr Fiona Fylan, PhD, health psychologist, Leeds Beckett University (UK)
Professor Pete S Kollbaum, OD, PhD, FAAO Indiana University, School of Optometry, Bloomington, Indiana (USA)
Elaine Grisdale, FBDO, FAAO, FEAOO - ABDO head of professional services and international development director of development for the International Opticians Association (UK).

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