Eye health business membership organisation, Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians (FODO), has responded to the NHS consultation, ‘Implementing the NHS Long Term Plan–Proposals for possible changes to legislation.’

Chief executive David Hewlett said: ‘This consultation is one of the most important in the NHS in recent memory. It contains opportunities but also some real risks. We have responded to this consultation on members’ behalf in order to put down some warnings and markers against the risks.

'As always, our goals are to protect the benefits of the GOS for patients and the public, support the shift of services from the “outdated at and unsustainable” outpatient models to the community and to ensure the system safeguards patient choice, patient voice and value for taxpayers, is transparent and accountable and treats all providers fairly.

'This is the start of a long process which will no doubt play out through legislation over the next parliamentary session. We need therefore to dig in for the long haul in order to protect eye health services for patients and the public at all levels.'