More than four million motorists have admitted to driving illegally by not wearing the correct eyewear.

Research carried out by Asda Opticians found that a total of three out of five people (60%) have said that they struggle to see properly when driving in general. This figure rises to four in five (83%) for younger drivers aged 25-34 years.

Other results from the research highlighted that 24% of motorists have admitted to squinting when driving and not being able to read road signs correctly and 29% are aware that their lack of correct eyewear causes them to struggle. 24% of drivers have missed an exit because they didn’t see it.

Former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins, said: ‘Vision is a driver’s greatest asset because driving safely is about avoiding trouble and you can’t manage what you can’t see. Your eyeballs are the most advanced piece of technology riding with you in the car and the easiest to maintain with a check-up every other year.’