All but 3% of GOC registrants met their CET requirements for the 2016-18 cycle.

In total, 435 registrants risked removal by failing to meet their requirements, while a further 130 told the regulator they would be withdrawing or retiring from the register.

Marcus Dye, GOC head of standards and CET, said: ‘I am delighted that the vast majority of registrants completed their CET by the December 31 deadline. CET is vital in ensuring registrants keep their skills and knowledge up to date, so they can continue to deliver high standards of clinical care to their patients.

‘We will be writing shortly to all registrants who did not meet the requirements to explain the steps that we will take before they are removed from the register, including the appeal process.’

Following feedback from a latest CET consultation, the GOC will not make any significant changes to its CET scheme until 2022, meaning the CET cycle for 2019-21 would simply maintain existing requirements.