The Hakim Group is attempting to build an industry-wide network in order to better support independent practices during the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

It is hosting a webinar at 9pm tonight (March 19) that will address challenges presented by coronavirus including finance, people, strategy and communication.

The Hakim Group will highlight how independent practices are navigating unprecedented challenges, processing rapidly evolving information and attempting to maintain businesses.

Imran Hakim, CEO of the Hakim Group, explained in an open letter that the company has been working to provide strategy and guidance to its practices.

‘Given the fact that the information and action needed is immediate, there is very little time for practice owners to wait around to see how things unfold and it is clear that they need to be armed with strategy that they can work through depending on how things develop,’ Hakim said.

Hakim highlighted that other industry organisations have allowed the group to make use of a collective network to share ideas and communication in order to support each other as the situation develops.

‘I will be reaching out to more of our industry leaders shortly and I would be delighted to talk to any suppliers or organisations who can help contribute towards the collective good,’ Hakim added.

Hakim stressed that the idea is not designed to benefit the company commercially and is about the industry coming together to ensure the wellbeing of everyone effected by the coronavirus.

Hakim added: ‘We are lobbying the authorities to allow us to support our hospital teams who are being asked to get ready for the influx of patients as the virus gathers pace. This may require optometrists to step up as primary care providers and be ready to take care back into the community to help with capacity issues.’

To access the webinar, visit the link below.