Blackpool-based opticians Woodhouse has reopened after a quick DIY job during lockdown escalated into a full refurbishment of the optical practice.

Practice owners Sukie and Stephen Woodhouse said that they were taking measures to ensure the practice was safe for patients during the pandemic when they decided to furbish.

‘Once we’d created more space to allow better social distancing, designed some new hand sanitisers and ordered new wipe-down furniture, well, that’s when the fun really started,’ Sukie shared on the opticians’ website.

Sukie decided to sketch how they wanted the interior of the practice to look, including a statement, home-crafted light fitting made from old lenses.

‘I was again able to release the artist inside and create a statement light fitting. It was fashioned from a stock of old circular lenses which were sat around taking up space. Well, we do love to recycle and reuse,’ she said.

The practice remained opened for emergencies, repairs and contact lens supplies during lockdown and reopened for routine appointments once they had refurbished.

‘We’re determined that while the physical look may have changed and restrictions are in place the levels of service remain just as high. And beneath the face coverings there’s still a smile for our customers,’ Sukie added.