Eyestuff has released a selection of three fruit juice inspired frames as part of its new colourful frame collection.

The eyewear brand’s new collection features the two-tone Horizon, the semi-transparent Sorbet (2) and the colour-faded Ombré, all of which are available in two colour options.

Horizon is a classically masculine squared-rim frame featuring a gently curved bridge that sweeps up into straight-topped rims. The lower rims showcase contrasting colours that add a visual pop, with the blue colourway offering an interesting, yet understated, colourful option.

Eyestuff's Sorbet

Sorbet is a feminine cat’s eye frame available in a choice of two pastel colours. The pastel pink and blue option is reminiscent of a blueberry smoothie and presents a toned-down dusty colour while the lilac and mint option provides a more transparent option.