Children who live with retinitis pigmentosa tested eSight’s low vision device at Legoland Windsor and were able to experience the new Magical Forest attraction.

Brothers Lucca (14 years old) and Sonny Oxenham (11) from Bromley trialled the wearable technology that paired with smartphones to bring Lego creatures to life using augmented reality.

Gregory Ogorek, COO and president of eSight International, said: ‘eSight is a life changing technology helping low vision people to enhance and improve daily life, impacting over 3,500 people around the world. We are excited to be partnering with Legoland to provide Sonny and Lucca with a once in lifetime experience.’

The trail at Legoland was part of eSight’s partnership with the Royal Society for the Blind Children, which enabled the boys to experience a ‘swirling vortex of dazzling lights into the mysterious woodland.’