The organisers of Italian tradeshow Mido have announced that the show will go ahead on July 5-7 this summer.

Mido was postponed at short notice last week in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. Since then authorities in the north of the country have reported 374 cases of infection, with 12 deaths confirmed at the time of writing.

‘After the decision to postpone Mido, the wisdom of which we are ever more convinced of after seeing how the emergency has escalated in the past few days, we have worked nonstop in the last 72 hours to be able to define new dates,’ stated Mido president Giovanni Vitaloni.

Mido’s organisers have met with exhibitors, buyers and stakeholders during the past days to consult on the new dates for the 50th anniversary show. Initial plans were to reschedule the event for between the end of May and mid-June, but this has been revised.

In the initial announcement Vitaloni commented: 'We are aware that this decision will require industry professionals, exhibitors, buyers, press members, opticians and everyone working for Mido, including our staff, to reschedule their attendance, with a significant impact on all internal organisations.'

'We trust that because of the nature of the situation, which is alarming and continuously evolving, our exhibitors and visitors, the media and everyone involved will understand our decision.'