Essilor has launched Varilux Comfort Max, the next generation of its varifocal lens designed to provide increased postural flexibility and reduced eye strain to wearers.

The company explained that new technologies used in the lens help wearers see naturally without having to struggle to find the right gaze direction or the right posture.

Essilor UK managing director Tim Precious said: ‘The lens has been specifically created for people with busy lifestyles who take part in activities that result in static postures or cause prolonged strain on the eyes.

‘By providing a stretched useful vision zone, Varilux Comfort Max lens maximises the wearer’s postural flexibility and allows them to see sharply and more comfortably.’

Andy Hepworth, professional relations manager at Essilor, explained that Varilux Comfort Max is the result of years of research from its initial launch in the 1990s to the innovative technologies used today.

Released earlier this week, the lens uses Essilor’s Flex Optim technology for an improved area of vision by what the company said was up to 46%.

It has been designed to give wearers more freedom by expanding the zone that is seen clearly when looking at a particular distance and an adjusted power progression profile.

It provides a viewpoint from more angles, including horizontal and vertical, without requiring more head movement, Hepworth added.

He said that increased postural flexibility enables wearers to find a comfortable position quicker and easier than before, as well as seeing naturally without struggling to find gaze direction.

Essilor highlighted that wearers could adopt up to 258 more postures and head movements to see sharply because of Flex Optim technology.

Hepworth said research into the performance of the lens was carried out by an independent company and it did not score below eight out of 10 across all areas.

In company testing, Varilux Comfort Max outperformed competitors’ varifocal lenses in the mid-tier category while various everyday tasks were performed at different distances.

The lens performed well at near vision tasks, such as when using digital devices, which was noted as a selling point for younger patients.

Wearer feedback was positive, particularly among first-time wearers, as nine out of 10 said they wanted to continue wearing the lens. Feedback also revealed that 83% got used to it without thinking about it, 91% experienced satisfaction in daily life and 87% received all day comfort.

Varilux Comfort Max is available with Transitions Signature generation eight, Optifog technology and Essilor’s personalised services.