Optical Express to offer patients money-back guaranteeOptical Express has responded to claims that one of the intraocular lenses it used was under scrutiny by regulators.

It follows media reports citing surgeon safety concerns about patients experiencing quality of vision problems after having the new Mplus X lens implanted.

A spokesperson for Optical Express told Optician: ‘A number of allegations have been made in the media regarding the MPlus X lens. These allegations have no substance whatsoever and, we understand, are currently subject to legal challenge by Oculentis, the lens manufacturer.

‘Contrary to the media reports, we have been informed by Oculentis that there is no MHRA inquiry into the MPlus X lens.

‘The articles also claim that the lens is faulty – which has never been suggested by any regulator or independent scientific body. There have been no safety concerns raised about this lens whatsoever. As with any surgery, there is always a chance that a small minority of patients will encounter some complications or their expectations of the surgical outcome may not be met. The outcomes in this instance could not be further away from the sensational headlines that we have seen in recent days. The reality is that the small number of issues that have been raised refer to patients experiencing poorer than expected distance vision.’

The company said 20,000 Oculentis MPlus X lenses had been sold worldwide with ‘a very high level of patient satisfaction in visual outcome’.

The spokesperson added: ‘It is extremely disappointing that these articles have chosen to use the experience of just two individuals who, unfortunately, have not received the improvements that they expected from their surgery and ignore the overwhelming majority of people who have had their sight and their lives significantly improved by having this lens implanted.

‘As the UK market leader, we carry out thousands of lens implants every year. Patient safety will always be our number one priority.’