Optometry Tomorrow was attended by 680 optical professionals at the weekend (February 23–24), who were able earn up to 16 CET points at lectures, seminars and workshops.

The College of Optometrists’ annual conference and exhibition at Telford International Centre covered topics such as cataract surgery, ocular tumours and glaucoma laser treatments.

Professor Chris Hammond, Frost chair of ophthalmology at King’s College London and consultant ophthalmologist at St Thomas’ Hospital, presented the keynote lecture at the event.

During his The Genetic Future of Eye Disease presentation, he said: ‘The last 10 years has seen a research revolution in rare genetic blinding eye diseases, including the development of the first human gene therapy. Genetic research is allowing us to understand mechanisms in common age-related eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, and in other areas such as myopia.

‘We hope these discoveries will allow the development of personalised medicine, to predict who will get disease, to prevent this where possible, and to personalise treatments in our patients for the best outcomes.’

Optometry Tomorrow hosted over 40 exhibitors for attendees to speak to including Thea Pharmaceuticals, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson Vision and SpaMedica.

The College confirmed that details of next year’s event will be announced soon.