Optos has launched the Monaco, its latest widefield device, to the European ophthalmic market.

Monaco is a retinal imaging system with integrated OCT that produces a 200 degrees single capture optomap image in less than half a second and provides cross-sectional OCT views of retinal structures. It allows a multi-modality capture including colour and autofluorescence for both eyes in 90 seconds.

The device enables optometrists to perform a more in-depth pathology examination on patients using the optomap images and OCT scans, as they know what they are looking for. It also saves space in the practice due to it being a desktop two-in-one device and improves efficiency from the increased amount of clinical information.

Gareth Steer, vice president of sales in Europe at Optos, said: ‘Monaco gives both optometrists and patients great peace of mind, knowing that pathologies can be identified, even in the periphery, and that potentially sight-threatening conditions can be discovered and treated at an early stage. We’re bringing a device to the market that further enhances the detection of retinal issues and continues to improve practice efficiency. Our goal is to provide outstanding technology and customer service to the practices that we work with, to help them to provide the best possible care for their patients.’

Monaco was launched in the US in May.