Waterside, Rochester

Two thirds of people need correction and the workplace is no exception

Rochester Optical has launched a prescription ready Google Glass safety shield and optical insert which will be distributed in the UK through Waterside Laboratories.

Earlier this year Rochester launched an accredited safety shield for Google Glass, the latest prescription ready version has a prescription insert which allows this with a correction to benefit fro using Google Glass in the work environment.  Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical said most industries can benefit from smart glasses but they require safety compliance. ‘We fully understand both the power of smart glasses in the workplace and the paramount importance of worker safety, so we’ve made growing our portfolio of smart safety products a priority.’

He said Google Glass is not safety rated on its own so some applications will find it tricky to implement the technology on a large scale. Rochester’s Rx-ready safety shield provides the protection employees using Google Glass need without excluding those who require prescription glasses, he said.

The insert is attached using easy-mount tabs which enables the product to be swapped between users. The prescription lenses use Smart GOLD  Lenses to minimise eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time.