Specialist contact lens manufacturer Scotlens has appointed Tom Griffiths as managing director to partner with owner and optometrist Scott Brown.

Griffiths, who was a Sunday Times Top 100 Entrepreneur-Disruptor, approached Scotlens after his son started using orthokeratology lenses.

He shared that his son had progressive high myopia and wore thicker ophthalmic lenses, which meant he had to give up sports.

Griffiths said: ‘It broke my heart. ‘We accidentally found orthokeratology lenses and they transformed his life. He is now a confident, happy, active teen with stabilised myopia.

‘I’m delighted to join Scotlens, a second-generation family business with extremely high-quality products designed by innovative optometrists seeking to achieve the best results, first with Jack, Scott’s father, in the 1970s and now with Scott.’

Griffiths added that Scotlens’ Nocturnal lens was a world class product that was well suited for growth in the Middle Eastern, Asian and Chinese markets.

‘As for the UK, we have the perfect storm of UK child myopia growth due to Covid lockdown coinciding with several fantastic, and no doubt well marketed, myopia control devices coming onto the market in both the glasses and contact lens space,’ he added.

Brown, clinical director at Scotlens, said that on meeting Griffiths, he realised the company and the industry needed disruptors from outside to change things.

‘His disruptive nature always searching for the untried, his experience and his relentless passion will enable Scotlens to enter new markets and our ECP partner network to grow in a sustainable way post Covid,’ he added.