Eyewear company Sea2See has been certified as a carbon negative brand by eliminating its carbon footprint twice over through offsetting projects.

The brand mapped its carbon footprint that was generated directly and indirectly, as well as the impact of the lifecycle of materials to find better alternatives.

François van den Abeele, founder and CEO at Sea2See, said: ‘We compensated our already low footprint by supporting and investing in renewable energy projects coordinated and certified by the UN. Our investment and purchase of carbon credit has allowed us to become carbon negative. Specifically, we are supporting Mexico’s renewable energy ambition by harnessing wind energy to power 700,000 households.’

He explained that through the life cycle analysis conducted through Dcycle – from waste collection to the delivery of the product to the final consumer – Sea2See were able to discover the positive impact of using 100% recycled marine plastic compared to energy-intensive virgin raw materials. It revealed that their "seastainable" optical glasses and sunglasses collection were 86% less contaminating than Cellulose Acetate, 79% less contaminating than TR90 Grilamid frames, and 61% less contaminating than Virgin Nylon 6 sunglasses.

The company has been working with coastal communities in developing countries since 2015 to be able to implement sustainable supply chains that procure plastic ocean waste for use in frame manufacturing.

Alongside emissions reductions, it has carried out other actions for sustainable development benefits, including educational projects and initiatives for reforestation.