A survey has found a big increase in popularity and demand for health apps and telemedicine in the UK because of the pandemic.

Piplsay polled 9,190 Brits, with 68% of UK respondents saying yes if they had installed health apps on their phone either before or during Covid-19.

Of those that said yes, 66% installed one or two health apps, 22% installed three or four and 12% installed over five.

When respondents were asked if they had used telehealth services during the pandemic, 13% said they had several times, 13% also said two or three times, 14% said once, 18% didn’t feel the need, 13% preferred in-person consultations, 10% did not have access and 19% did not know about telemedicine.

Respondents were relatively split over whether they would continue using telehealth services as normalcy returned, with 37% who said yes and 40% preferred face-to-face consultations and 23% were not sure.