Zeiss has conducted a poll in partnership with Intelligent Instructor magazine to survey driving instructors on vision and driving, with a focus on the eyesight of learner drivers.

Conducted as part of Road Safety Week (November 16-22), the poll found that 75% of learner drivers have experienced problems with glare from headlights.

It also revealed that 71% of learner drivers have had problems with heavy rain and 91% have had problems with dazzling sunlight.

A total of 87% of driving instructors felt that learner drivers needed an eye test and 90% said they thought everyone should have an eye test before learning to drive.

Paul Hopkins, professional services manager at optometrist at Zeiss Vision Care UK, said: ‘As we head into winter there is more likelihood of drivers facing these challenging conditions due to shorter days and worsening weather. Glare and dazzle caused by car headlights at night can be a real challenge when driving. Disability glare from headlights is of particular concern as this can affect visual performance which can seriously impact driving performance.

‘With this in mind eye care practitioners must take care to ensure we are fully meeting this challenge. Regular eye tests and lenses that support the visual needs of drivers are key for ensuring people feel confident when driving in all conditions.’