Aston University’s Villa Vision project has received £20,000 from the Wesleyan Foundation to support the delivery of eye care to children in Birmingham.

The money, alongside funding from the university, will be used to evaluate the first three years of the project.

It will review how many children were screened, analyse data from eye examinations and measure the potential impact on educational performance and classroom behaviour after vision correction. Leon Davies, professor of optometry and physiological optics in the school of optometry at Aston University, said: ‘The team led by Dr Rachel Shaw with support from Dr Laura Shapiro, Esra Yeter, Sidratul Kazi and myself will provide robust evidence to demonstrate the impact and value of Villa Vision on children’s eye health and education in Birmingham, which we believe will help secure Villa Vision’s long-term future.’

The Villa Vision project is a collaboration between the Aston Villa Foundation, Aston University and Essilor Vision For Life.