It was good to get back to some sort of normality over the past weekend. Well done to the organisers of 100% Optical for allowing us all to get together again for a good old chinwag. Obviously all very much focused on eye care.

One unspoken, but quite obvious, observation was how the pandemic has changed our profession. Though not openly stated, companies with a focus on technology and, in particular, remote access and communication have, without doubt, seen an up-turn in their businesses. We will be running a full review of the latest technology on show in a forthcoming issue. In the meantime, I must just mention two of the more left-field devices I came across.

Firstly, the BlinkNow device is a small digital display that clips onto any screen that you might spend time staring at. On this display is a video of an eye blinking regularly. The ingenious idea is that, by having this eye blinking away in your field of vision, you will blink more and so be less likely to develop dry eye. I guess that, as you are aware of the video, it is not quite subliminal suggestion in the way that advertisers tried in 1960s TV broadcasts by inserting messages too quick to register before it became illegal to do so. I suggest it is more like the way it is impossible to see or think about someone yawning without feeling the need to yawn yourself; are you yawning now?

Secondly, talking of 1960s TV, are there any fans of The Prisoner out there? If so, you may remember the ‘kit car’ in which Number 6 raced over the titles. One new company I chatted with are considering launching a hi-spec digital slit-lamp system whereby you buy the parts and build it yourself at a fraction of the normal price. I can’t wait to have a go at that.

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