The GOC have announced that their proposed one-year CET cycle for next year is no longer happening. So, to be absolutely clear, there will now be another three-year cycle, just like the one we are coming to an end of now, to run from 2019 to 2021 with the same requirements for registrants. It seems likely that new CET requirements will be introduced at some stage and the longer three-year period allows plenty of time for their development and introduction. I will keep you posted as things progress.

You may have noticed over the past couple of years the occasional article from our friend Dr Narendra Kumar, editor of the Indian quarterly publication Optometry Today. His publication has started a campaign in India to persuade the government to consider recognition of the profession of optometry and to regulate eye care to ensure that the burgeoning population receive effective and professional assistance. At present, anyone can offer eye care services and the lack of regulation means there is a wealth of unregulated and frankly dangerous practice in place. So far, some 1,400 professionals have signed up to the campaign which hopes to raise the issue with the Indian Health Minister. If you want to support this, please add your name to the petition at

Finally, I came across an interesting charity this week. As we have covered in recent CET articles on Alzheimer’s disease, one way of improving communication is to use prompts or cues that trigger memories in the patient. A new charity called Chiltern Music Services is revamping old iPods and MP3 players to store music relevant to dementia patients and using them to help encourage cognitive focus. If interested in this exciting work, have a look at