It's a quiet Tuesday morning,  shoppers scurry past the window to avoid the rain and the sound of  Smooth FM is drifting out of the staff room door, then a customer comes in clutching a Google glass to be glazed. What would you do?

Google glass  is one of those technologies that you have probably heard of, you probably have an idea of what it does but the detail is more than a little hazy. Basically think of Google glass as a head up display for a smartphone, a smartphone is a computer in your pocket.

Given Google glass is £1,000, many of the buyers are going to be older spectacle wearing types .That's where you come in.

Google is renowned for doing things differently. It sells Google glass, only from its website, with the option of a Marchon wrapped plano in-line frame blank and leave it up to the buyer to get it glazed.  That is where you come in.

Anyone anywhere can buy a Google glass and their choice of optician is entirely up to them. There appears to be little guidance from Google. Without going into too much detail this is not a straightforward glaze. The display is projected into the top right of the right lens requiring a distance vision area, a second optical centre if you will.

But help is at hand (news). The irrepressible Bob Forgan, managing director of Waterside Labs, has teamed up with wearable technology glazing specialist Rochester Optical to help you out.

If you have a Google glass customer come into your practice let us know how you get on.