This week’s round up of news reminds us just how quickly some things change and how others remain unaltered.

Optician’s top 10 picks from the news pile are a million miles away from what we might have expected. The unpredictability of news is what makes it interesting, and important, to watch. The trick is not becoming so fixated on one thing you find others creep up on you. Stay informed so you can react to events in the best manner

Optician has largely been a Brexit-free zone bar a flurry of activity after the public voted to leave the European Union. Few would have predicted the intractable nature of negotiations or the tangents on which the Brexit agenda has been sent. But what of the collateral damage done while we all stare transfixed into the Brexit black hole of rhetoric? How many people simply switch the news off out of sheer Brexit-induced frustration?

Optics has its own big agenda items which might have been expected to develop this year. The tie up between Essilor and Luxottica is a corporate optical move of unprecedented magnitude. While legislative milestones and corporate structures have been passed and processed we are no closer to feeling the effects of an Essilux behemoth. Technological change, inclusion in primary care, student numbers, employment trends, are all topics, which while still hot, run the risk of appearing reheated.

Optician has provided news to optics every week for nearly 120 years and the need to know is as important now as it has ever been. No one knows what is going to happen but being informed is essential.

As 7 Days shows some big stories refuse to shift but day to day, week to week, stuff still happens. Make sure you remain well informed so you can make the right choices when required.