Verum’s article (Are NHS transformation plans just another hare-brained scheme?) was articulate, timely, and to-the-point.

In succinctly describing the concept of accountable care systems, alliance contracting, and accountable care organisations, Verum has produced a useful guide to changing philosophies with relation to health and care.

Most health economies, including those in UK/devolved nations, are agreed that we should focus more on prevention and outcomes; on what matters to patients and service users.

This means delivering more in primary care, integrating better between primary and secondary care, reducing variations, and maximising resources and outcomes.

Eye care is well placed to show ‘what good looks like’; to demonstrate how these models of care might work. With high demand, increasing need, and demographic pressures on eye care services delivery, optometry and optics has a major role to play in this new world.

Raymond Curran, Head of ophthalmic services

Directorate of Integrated Care

Health & Social Care Board

12-22 Linenhall Street

Belfast BT2 8BS