ACES launches a co-management partnership accreditation for optometrists 

Community eye care provider ACES (Anglia Community Eye Service) has launched an update to their Co-Management Partnership programme that facilitates the collaborative care of patients through a multi-disciplinary approach. The move marks an important step towards the removal of unnecessary barriers to optometrists providing care to patients, ultimately aiming to improve accessibility to clinical care for patients suffering from debilitating conditions such as cataracts.

Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at ACES, said: 'Two-way collaboration with our community partners is crucial to providing patients across the country with the visual care and treatment they urgently need, which is why we are continuously looking for ways to further facilitate the shared care of patients.

'We have always held the expertise of all General Optical Council (GOC) registered optometrists in high regard, and we deeply respect their professionalism and clinical skills. That is why we consider all GOC registered optometrists to be accredited to partner with our service, which ensures convenient and efficient continuity of care for patients.'

ACES’ updated accreditation system will make clinical care as accessible as possible for patients whose vision requires treatment. Each accredited co-management partner is invited to participate in the ACES CPD programme, which consists of a series of in-person and online events taking place throughout 2024.

If you would like to hear more about how we can work in partnership together, please contact our NHS partnership team:

About ACES

Established in 2007, ACES has a track record of providing high quality eye care services such as cataract surgery for NHS patients across East Anglia. Thanks to its strategic partnership with Optical Express formed in 2021, the provider has been able to expand its NHS services to other parts of the UK, with clinics now established in cities such as Birmingham, Dartford, Exeter, Manchester, Newcastle and North West London.

ACES typically treats the cataracts of NHS patients within four weeks, significantly reducing waiting times in the process. Giving patients the care they need in a timely manner helps to avoid further medical complications caused by poor eyesight, for example reducing the risk of serious injury from trips and falls, or poor mental health caused by a reduced quality of life.