Optical Express: Becoming a Specialist Refractive Optometrist

With unrivalled training, development opportunities and support, Optical Express wants to provide the next step in your optometry career

Thanks to the diverse range of eye care services that we offer our patients, from laser, lens and cataract surgery to routine eye examinations and contact lens checks, a career at Optical Express really does have a lot to offer.

We recently spoke with Yousuf Mohammad, a specialist refractive optometrist at Optical Express, who had no previous refractive experience before joining the company in March 2021. Thanks to our unrivalled training and development opportunities, Mohammad is now fully confident in providing outstanding refractive care to our patients.

Not only did Mohammad benefit from the comprehensive training available, he also felt constantly supported by his colleagues who were always on hand to offer advice, second opinions and answer any questions he had. Speaking about the support, he commented: 'The support is national and I can pick up the phone and ring our Clinical Services team and they can offer me support when I need it. There’s so many different avenues for support that you have here.'

Not only was Mohammad impressed by the training opportunities he received, he also was amazed by the diagnostic technology available at Optical Express. With over £500m being invested in our clinics and technology, the equipment available to our optometrists is truly outstanding. For Mohammad, learning to use this innovative machinery has been invaluable for his learning and development. He said: 'I didn’t know anything about the Pentacams or the IOL Master and all the scans I had never dealt with before but you receive great training. The level of technology available at Optical Express is crazy and it’s where I’ve developed my knowledge the most.'

When we asked Mohammad what his favourite part of being a specialist refractive optometrist was, his answer was easy, 'I was very interested in the clinical side of changing people’s lives, offering them the gift of sight, being able to see, so that was my main motivation to actually do optometry. With Optical Express, you have that opportunity to change their lives even more because it’s not just the glasses and contact lenses, it’s lens replacement and laser eye surgery.

'I’ve had patients who are -12 and can only see this close without their glasses, and all of a sudden they have 20/20 vision two days after their procedure and they actually start crying. It’s absolutely amazing seeing that their lives have changed so much.'

Mohammad also received further support from Optical Express when he chose to join the Jigsaw charity for their Gift of Sight project. Mohammad travelled to Lebanon to provide essential eye care services to underprivileged communities. Not only was his diary rescheduled to accommodate the trip, Optical Express also provided 500 pairs of glasses for Mohammad to take on the trip and give to those most in need in Lebanon.

  • Are you ready to take the next step in your optometry career? Join Mohamma and expand your career by becoming a Specialist Refractive Optometrist at Optical Express.