A guide to the adjustment and fitting of finished spectacles

Stephen Clampin looks at the key dispensing stage of ensuring the correct fitting for a client

Apart from the ability to see well, the lasting impression that many patients will take away from the practice is the fit and comfort of their spectacles.

No matter how much or little is paid for your products and services, how well the practice is presented, the efficiency and friendliness of the staff, the standard of the equipment and professionalism of the eye examination, if the patient’s spectacles do not fit correctly or are not comfortable to wear, all the foregoing will soon be forgotten. Any discomfort caused by ill-fitting glasses generates a constant negative reminder of your practice.

As a consequence, the final fitting and comfort of your patient’s spectacles should be treated with the utmost importance at the time of collection. Poorly adjusted frames not only cause much irritation to the patient but also impact on the optical performance of the lenses, particularly in the case of multifocals and high prescriptions. It is vital therefore that great care is taken both before and at the time of collection, to ensure the patient leaves the practice with spectacles that have been made correctly, checked for accuracy and are comfortable and adjusted to fit perfectly. This is, in effect, your last chance to get it right first time.

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