Driving lenses: Eye comfort behind the wheel

Two-thirds of motorists are dazzled by oncoming headlights and the fashion for high intensity discharge lamps and LED continues apace. Patients are increasingly looking for visual protection when driving. Optician asked some lens providers to describe their latest offerings



Reaction times and visual comfort provide the starting point for Hoya’s offering in the driving lens arena. It says that reaction times are linked to vision and EnRoute is designed specifically to minimise stress placed on the visual system.

The lens employs a glare filter which, like other driving lenses, cuts light in the blue spectrum, reducing light scatter and distracting glare from the dashboard, streetlights and the headlights of oncoming traffic. At the same time, EnRoute enhances the transmittance of necessary light, improving contrast and brightness perception. The result, says Hoya, is more comfortable, relaxed vision even in low-light, bad weather and other stressful driving situations.

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