Enhanced Optical Service of the Year

More and more practices are having to innovate and educate in order to thrive. Sean Rai-Roche reports on the winner of the Enhanced Optical Service award

Being in business for more than a century, you could forgive Rawlings Opticians for sticking to older ways of working. Instead, it has moved with the times, becoming a frontrunner in the enhanced optical services game and securing recognition at this year’s Optician Awards.

‘We all know that you can’t just rely on spectacle sales for the sole income for the practice anymore,’ says David Barker, director of professional services at Rawlings Opticians in Croydon. ‘You need to diversify.’

A decade ago, Rawlings realised that optical services in Croydon needed a radical redesign. Local hospitals were being put under unnecessary pressure, demand far exceeded supply and, as a result, care was suffering. In response, Rawlings invested in a host of new equipment, including OCT, started working far closer with local hospitals and pushed for its staff to gain extra qualifications.

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