Feedback: CLEAR interactive – 5

Clinical Practice
Feedback from the last interactive CPD, based on the BCLA CLEAR publication on CL optics

Every day, many of us prescribe contact lenses to correct our patient’s vision. Although much attention is paid to assuring the lenses are a good fit and are comfortable for the wearer, optimal correction of the wearer’s ametropia and improvement of their visual performance critically hinges on harmonisation of the lens optics with the wearer’s own optics.

There are a number of optical considerations worth bearing in mind when a patient moves from a spectacle to a contact lens correction, considerations that all too often are ignored. The case scenario for this exercise was chosen to highlight these for discussion.

Unlike the previous exercises, there were far fewer responses submitted for this exercise. Either this is a topic too few feel comfortable discussing, or maybe the thought of discussing optics during the early winter months was less than appealing. Most people were comfortable in discussing a toric option for the right eye, many chose a multifocal option as first choice (including the possibility of a toric multifocal for the right eye), but too few considered the implications of impact upon binocular status and stability. This was perhaps unfair, as it did not feature in the source material, and so is the main focus for this feedback feature here.

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