Feedback: CLEAR interactive – 6

Neil Retallic and Bill Harvey offer feedback from the last interactive CPD exercise based upon the BCLA CLEAR publication focusing on orthokeratology. (C104906)

Once considered a niche discipline, orthokeratology has evolved, largely due to advances in rigid lens materials and designs and improved access to instrumentation that allow better corneal profiling and lens ordering and evaluation. In recent years, the use of orthokeratology as a means of myopia management has repositioned the technique well within eye care practice, and increasing numbers of ECPs are looking to develop their skills in this area. 

The aim of this sixth interactive CPD exercise was to encourage discussion about orthokeratology. In particular, to start thinking about how the technique might be introduced to a practice where it had not been previously prescribed. 


Two young, spectacle-wearing parents bring their nine-year-old son to see you. Their main concern was that their son, who had been confirmed to be myopic one year previously, would continue to need ‘stronger and stronger glasses’ at every future eye check. His refractive error is as follows: 



This equates to approximately a half dioptre myopic progression over the last 12 months. Concerns about this progression and having read about possible adverse effects of myopia upon eye health, the parents are keen to know more about myopia management. Consider the following questions for your discussion: 

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