In Focus: Optometry’s untapped potential

Specsavers outlines its vision for how optometry could ease pressure on the NHS and improve patient outcomes. Andrew McCarthy-McClean reports

Jag Singh, Specsavers' head of new clinical services pathway development

Nearly one million A&E patients could be diverted to primary care optometry, says a new report published by Specsavers.

The multiple’s Access to Care report outlined the benefits of eye and hearing care in the community and how pressure on the NHS could be eased.

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical director of optics, said: ‘Community optometry and audiology are an integral yet often overlooked part of primary and community care, providing a range of ear and eye health services.

‘Using this highly qualified workforce to its full extent will free up capacity within the health service in return for very little cost to the taxpayer and an overwhelming improvement in patient health outcomes and quality of life.

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