In focus: Putting it to the politicians

With another general election scheduled for next month, Optician asks representatives across the profession what they will be asking MPs and the elected government to deliver this time around. Joe Ayling reports

When Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap general election on April 18 there was a sense of both shock and déjà vu across the country.

Indeed, following the 2015 general election, Scottish and EU referendums, there has been an unusually high dose of party politics in the pages of Optician in recent years.

This time around, the journal asked two simple questions – what would you ask an MP on the doorstep and what single policy change should the new government implement. The responses are published below, with an extensive range of issues at play including supply of contact lenses, NHS eye exams, drivers’ vision, privatisation of the NHS, piecemeal commissioning and the impact of leaving the EU.

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