Industry reacts to ‘forever chemicals’ report

Andrew McCarthy-McClean reports on a study that identified health harming PFAS in contact lenses

A US study found ‘forever chemicals’, which have been linked to environmental pollution and harmful health effects, in contact lenses made by Acuvue, Alcon and CooperVision. 

Testing was commissioned by Mamavation in partnership with Environmental Health News, which identified various levels of organic fluorine, a marker of per- and polyfluroalkyl substances (PFAS), in 18 different soft contact lenses.  

Mamavation is a US-based consumer watchdog set up to help women make safer choices for their families and has investigated various grocery products for toxic or hormone-disrupting chemicals.  

The contact lenses were sent to a US Environmental Protection Agency-certified lab to test for indications of PFAS and the results found all had varying levels of organic fluorine.  

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