Lens coatings for success

Optician presents some of the best ophthalmic lens coatings available to UK optical practices

OptiPure+ from Optimum Rx Lens Specialists is said to stand out among other coatings due to its innovative and unique formula, developed with the knowledge and expertise of a company with over 20 years as a coating specialist. With 99% light transmittance, OptiPure+ is said to offer unparalleled clarity and transparency, ensuring maximum acuity and superior aesthetics.   

With enhanced hydrophobic and oleophobic properties thanks to unique ingredients, OptiPure+ coated lenses are also said to stay cleaner for longer, even in harsh environmental conditions. As well as improved water run-off and reduced fingerprint and perspiration smudging, an additional layer providing dust resistance has been included to ensure particles are not attracted to the lens during cleaning.

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