Lens file: Essilor Eyezen lenses – designed for a connected life

Ophthalmic lenses
Optician takes a look at Essilor’s offering for eyes working in the digitial age

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are an indispensable part of patients’ lives and this new usage has an impact on their visual needs. We look at things at increasingly nearer distances and have to encounter small fonts, different light intensities and changes in reading distances. Ultimately, our way of life has changed.

Essilor Eyezen is one of an existing generation of enhanced single vision lenses specifically designed for people who use digital devices frequently. As digital usage continues to grow and evolve, so has this range of lenses.

Why should we consider enhanced single vision lenses?

The time spent using digital devices has increased significantly and continues to grow. Indeed, nine out of 10 people state they spend more time using them today than they did five years ago. Moreover, most users do not seem particularly attached to a single device, but move easily from one device to another (using a tablet at home, a smartphone while commuting, a computer at work and so on).1

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