Movers and shakers at Opti

Simon Jones travels to Opti Munich to look beyond the wider trends and search out those who dare to be different

Opti’s mid-January dates have long posed a problem for eyewear producers. Spring and autumn trade shows, Mido and Silmo are still the go-to dates for brands and manufacturers to have collections ready to show. January is still just that little bit too early for many to have new collections ready.

Although Opti’s standing in the global optical exhibition sector has increased dramatically in recent years, few present brand new collections. Instead, small teaser models and recolours of popular styles tends to be the order of the day.

That could well change in future, as Opti’s stature continues to grow, but it does present something of a problem with trend coverage. Silmo was dominated by technical frames and that particular trend very much continued at Opti. Mixed media and complex structures could be found on almost every stand in the Yes and Hot! design areas.

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