Multiple ways to see

Optician presents a selection of the best multifocal contact lenses on the UK market

According to Alcon, Dailies Total1 Multifocal contact lenses (pictured above) are the first and only water gradient contact lenses for presbyopes that offer exceptional comfort and seamless vision at all distances, near to far.

The company says the innovative Precision Profile Design was created for predictable, seamless vision through a smooth progression of power gradients for clear, uninterrupted vision from near, to intermediate, to distance.

The product also features two contact lens technologies. First, Water Gradient Technology is said to increase water content near the outer lens surface, so all that touches the patient’s eye is a cushion of moisture.

Second, SmarTears Technology releases phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient that is found naturally in tears that helps stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film.

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