Sustainability: Will the Earth have its day?

To mark this years Earth Day, an event held every April 22nd to raise awareness of the threat from global pollution and the need for greater sustainability, Bill Harvey looks at two websites with a plethora of resources of use to the ECP wanting greater involvement

To mark the annual earth Day on April 22, I thought it might be helpful to highlight two online websites which offer a wealth of helpful factsheets and toolkits to help readers wanting a greater say in minimising the harmful impact upon the environment of modern human activity. 


The idea for a day each year to focus on the challenges to life on our planet and to highlight the need for support for environmental protection goes way back to the late 1960s, when it was first proposed by the activist John McConnell at a UNESCO conference. The idea took hold and garnered considerable political support in the US, leading to the first Earth Day being held on April 22, 1970.

Since then, as Earth Day has been held in April each year, the event has attracted ever-increasing global attention and has influenced environmental action worldwide, from tree planting strategies to supporting major political movements such as the Paris Agreement in 2016.  

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