The Goods: Winter trends

The end of autumn and the arrival of winter is always a little bittersweet. But the passing of the seasons gives order to our busy lives, provides a necessary rhythm, and, of course, it’s always reassuring to know that spring is moving closer on the seasonal carousel. Winter is the season of coats, colds and Christmas. With that in mind, check out the picks that are catching my eye and softening the blustery blow of the season.

Independent fashion accessories brand, Larma


Ahhhhchooooo! Well, I can definitely say, Kleenex never looked so classy. Banish those coughs and colds with the help of this quirky little tissue box cover.

Stood proudly with her hands on her hips, ‘Brigitte’ shows off her fabulous skirt, in the form of your tissue.

An eccentric, totally unnecessary but gorgeous gimmick, this will certainly bring a little humour to the tedium of the inevitable sneezing that is coming our way.

The weighted bottom allows for swift tissue snatching without it toppling over.



It is at this time of year that we all desperately want to jet off somewhere sunny but hold your horses. Airline sales are well worth the wait.

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